Our Service

Coffman’s extraordinary selection is matched only by our exemplary customer service. We make every effort to accommodate unique requests, individual preferences and particular measurements.

Our salespeople keep meticulous customer records indicating each customer’s size and fabric selection for easy coordination of new purchases to an existing wardrobe if needed. The store can also maintain digital image files of customers’ purchases. This convenient system helps customers, and those who shop for them, feel comfortable about their purchases.

We also provide our customers the opportunity to shop by appointment which can be arranged before, during or after store hours. This guarantees you personal and attentive service during visits to our store.

In our tailor shop, our master tailor uses technologically enhanced equipment, which includes two state-of-the-art pressing machines as well as specialty sewing machines capable of producing custom, machine quality alterations. With such advanced equipment and a very experienced alterations staff, we are able to modify and hand-press garments to replicate the original look/condition they arrived in from the manufacturer.

We can also perform any custom alteration needed, such shortening a coat or creating button holes for coat sleeves.

Aside from in-store services, we also provide a “closet cleaning” service. This entails going to a customer’s home and reviewing their existing wardrobe. After accessing a customer’s wardrobe, our salespeople make suggestions on future apparel needs. Our “closet cleaning” service provides customers with one-on-one assistance in maintaining a complete wardrobe.

Throughout the year our store hosts a series of trunk shows, which showcases representatives from leading menswear companies. These in-store appearances give the representatives a chance to present current and new merchandise to customers. Aside from trunk shows, we also host various special events open to customers throughout the year. For a list of upcoming events, visit our Events page.

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