John Coffman

I am always intrigued by the unique things being done in the outerwear arena.  My personal favorite is the Peter Millar Collection Horizon overcoat.  It is made of wool and cashmere and has the patented Loro Piana storm system membrane which makes it completely waterproof as well as wind proof. The Horizon can actually double up as a raincoat and topcoat all in one. Available in Vicuña, Navy and Black. It will soon become your go to piece of outerwear.

Bill Coffman

My favorite items for fall are from the Mercer Blue Collection.  Mercer Blue is line of casual wear which includes everything from vividly-patterned shirts and soft sweaters to five-pocket trousers. Designed with versatility in mind, the comfort and quality of our clothing withstands life’s more leisurely activities

Todd Howell

When it comes to belts, not all are created equal. So why not add a little punch with an o-ring belt to your spring/summer wardrobe, for a bit of color and conversation. Whether in a simple grosgrain ribbon or, a little hipper made to measure alligator flavor,  this is the belt to have this season! FH Wadsworth, W.Kleinberg and Martin Dingman allow plenty of options to cinch up your favorite shorts in effortless ease, or add a bit of novelty to a cotton suit or linen sport coat. Whatever your ensemble, “Waist” no time on that same old leather belt!!

Will Franklin

The perfect accessory for the fall and winter this year is the Robert Jensen cashmere scarf. Beautiful, soft and versatile it checks all of the boxes for a wonderful winter accoutrement. It can be worn with everything from a sweater to a suit and most importantly it keeps the neck warm. Plus with its classic patterns and styling it is sure to be worn years from now—a true investment of style.


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