John Coffman

My favorite item for Spring is the Peter Millar seaside wash knit shirt.  It is like wearing a t-shirt with a collar.  Sure to become a quick go to favorite in your wardrobe.  It is available in a myriad of solids colors as well as stripes.

Bill Coffman

The Peter Millar Soft Jackets are unlined with no padding in the shoulders and patch pockets. It is a perfect sport coat to wear with a knit or sport shirt for a night out on the town.

Todd Howell

When it comes to belts, not all are created equal. So why not add a little punch with an o-ring belt to your spring/summer wardrobe, for a bit of color and conversation. Whether in a simple grosgrain ribbon or, a little hipper made to measure alligator flavor,  this is the belt to have this season! FH Wadsworth, W.Kleinberg and Martin Dingman allow plenty of options to cinch up your favorite shorts in effortless ease, or add a bit of novelty to a cotton suit or linen sport coat. Whatever your ensemble, “Waist” no time on that same old leather belt!!

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