Designed in Portland and handcrafted in California, Agave remains true to its roots of designing and crafting the best tailored, most beautiful and highest quality denim jeans, authentically sewn and hand-finished exclusively in California. Agave is represented by friends, artisans and passionate people who stand for Courage, Compassion & Conservation. All of our their denim jeans and cut & sewn knit wear are strictly made in America.

Ballin is the leading North American manufacturer of men’s pants and shorts.

Since 1894 Barbour has produced clothing that is designed for a full lifestyle wardrobe. From the iconic waxed cotton jacked and coats, the Barbour collection also includes shirts, sweaters and a range of accessories.

Golf. Life. Style. Making the best use of the world’s finest fabrications, performance innovations and up-to-date designs, the Bobby Jones’ sportswear collection is dedicated to enduring style as genuine as the namesake himself.

If you enjoyed wearing neckwear with color then a Breuer tie is the right tie for you. Breuer has been making hand-made ties in France since 1892.

The name Canali is all you need to say the product speaks for itself, no garment is as flattering on whether you are a perfect off the rack fit, or a more difficult shape, and after a decade, the customers who return asking solely for this garment is unbelievable. Thus it goes without saying it is our best selling tailored clothing we have, however if you are looking for something unique or you cannot be fit from our inventory, there are countless options that Canali has for made-to-measure candidates as well.

Culturata is a men’s line known for innovative soft-touch fabrics that look and feel incredible. Designed and Made in Italy using artisanal techniques each Culturata piece is produced in small runs to preserve quality and authenticity.

Today’s man is not as often wearing a necktie, so with that said many guys are looking for a shirt that adds some extra flavor to their clothing. Eton has been an answer to that and beyond, most especially with the way the collar sits in place so perfectly under a jacket. In addition, they offer three off the rack fits to suit your taste and each and every shirt can be laundered at home without having to be pressed. If you haven’t tried one, you owe it to yourself.

Classic Beach inspired styles, the Faherty collection is made up of quality garments using unique and customized fabrics.

If you have no rear end this the the pant for you. The fit of their 5-pocket trouser is like wearing a second skin.

Since the inception of the Coffman’s in 1956, no label has withstood the test of time like this old school American manufacturer of men’s tailored clothing. With its roots dating back to the Windy City of the early 1800’s, Hart Schaffner & Marx remains a solid source for the gentleman who still appreciates the time honored style as well as quality. Whether it’s a classic navy pinstripe suit that you are looking for or your first navy blazer, we are sure you will be pleased with the wonderful value this domestic workhorse offers to your wardrobe.

Founded in 2011, 34 Heritage is a premium denim brand, engineered for comfort and luxury. The brand was created for today’s gentlemen—evolved, well-traveled and stylish; always insisting on the best even when out of their office suit.

Hand tailoring is almost a dinosaur in this country. However, Hickey Freeman has been able to carry on what was started by Jeremiah Hickey and Jacob Freeman some 100 plus years ago. With a complete facelift in place the “New” Hickey is refreshing and exciting, with each garment still being made in Rochester, NY by the trained hands of each tailor, and an unbelievable collection of the finest fabrications in the world. We hope you will be as excited as we are about this great American stalwart of fine tailoring, and the new look of American luxury.

Since its foundation Hiltl has been set itself the target to produce trousers like tailor-made which offers perfect fit and highest wear comfort.

This is for the gent who seeks an updated fit in his tailored clothing at a superb value. Jack Victor, which is a third generation tailored clothing house, still designs and finishes all of its clothing in Montreal, Canada, and remains rooted to the integrity that has always been the cornerstone of its history.

Every Luciano Barbera item is Entirely Manufactured in Italy. From woven fabric to final stitch, this commitment to local production helps to ensure that the centuries-old tradition of artisanry in cloth, the foundation of Italian style, remains.

Mercer Blue

The Mercer Blue Story.

Comfort has become a style, a softer look that grows out of a softer feeling. This is why we set out to develop our new collection, Mercer Blue. Our goal was to introduce a contemporary palette of tones without sacrificing the elegance of the classics.

In our process, close attention is paid to the blending of colors, textures, and shapes to create as many tasteful combinations as there are men to enjoy them. The real beauty of our clothing is that each piece works together easily and can take you just about anywhere. We’ve created a line of casual wear which includes everything from vividly-patterned shirts and soft sweaters to five-pocket trousers. Designed with versatility in mind, the comfort and quality of our clothing withstands life’s more leisurely activities.

These are not lawn-mowing clothes; these are getting-out-and-enjoying-yourself clothes. Urban dressing today calls for sportswear with the taste and savvy to lead a full social life.

Mercer Blue is that sportswear.

The New England Shirt Co. factory has handcrafted men’s sport shirts since 1933, making it the oldest operating ready-to-wear shirt manufacturer in America. Today, their artisans continue the American legacy established by generation’s prior, using traditional construction and technique to create honest, timeless clothing born of the human touch.

If you like to push the envelope with your pattern prowess, then friends Nikky is the name to hang your hat on. Its bold plaids and strong windowpanes, highlight by its use of color will have everyone asking you “where did you get that jacket from?”

It’s probably safe to say that the name Peter Millar has become a favorite of many or our clients over the past 10 years. Most especially with its consistently tasteful sportswear offering and it’s extension of the brand the Peter Millar tailored clothing allows the gent who appreciates those fine pieces to experience the same when the occasion calls for more.



What began 40 years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream

Victor lytvinenko & Sarah yarborough started Raleigh Denim workshop in 2007 in their hometown, Raleigh, NC.  The husband-wife team learned the history and techniques of traditional American jeans making through a series of informal apprenticeships with former factory workers, patternmakers, and mechanics throughout the state.  Raleigh denim workshop’s jeans, collection, and accessories, are all produced in the United States with a focus on design, process, material, and craft. 

Robert Talbott’s history is centered around beautiful handmade neckwear. However, it has forged a nice fit in the dress shirt market over the past 20 years. The impeccable attention to detail combined with its timeless style makes purchasing a shirt from this Carmel Atelier a wise investment for many years to come. You can choose from one of the beautiful off the shelf styles or we can guide you to choose a custom model with a collar of choice to best frame your face.

With so many options today for off the rack as well as made to measure clothing its brands like this that makes our job easy. Many gentlemen may not know Samuelsohn on a first name basis like some other well-known brands, but mark our word it’s a real gem and with all the gorgeous piece goods represented by some of the finest mills in the world; it’s easy to see why we feel so strongly about this Canadian powerhouse.  Allow us the opportunity to show you what we feel is truly one of the best kept secrets in the industry.

Southern Tide offers an entire collection built on the highest standards. From the unique sport shirts and casual pants, to the classic sweaters, swimwear and polos, the brand is the leader in youthful Southern style. No matter where one lives, anyone with an appreciation for classic design, good fit and craftsmanship, combined with affection for the coast and old-world heritage, will quickly fall in love with the charm of the Southern Tide brand.

Founded in 1991, True Grit introduced classic silhouettes with denim inspired design details, all expertly crafted with authentic trims, vintage washes and luxe fabrications sourced from all over the globe.

Zanella is a leading luxury menswear brand, best known for its offering of handcrafted, sartorial trousers made 100% in Italy